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Confusion about Gliders....

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Confusion about Gliders.... Empty Confusion about Gliders....

Post  NewGlider4Sam Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:45 pm

My family and I were at the mall recently and a company marketing "Sugar Bears" were selling sugar glider babies. My 12 year old son lost his hampster of 7 years over the summer fell in love with these animals instantly. He has not wanted another pet since Rosie Posie's death, so I am encouraged by his interest. I have no doubt that he would be an excellent and responsible owner. Our vet said that she lived so long because of his excellent care. I refused to make an on the spot purchase of the animal and encouraged him to do research on the animals first. The sales "pitch" was too good. (they dont smell, you only need to change their cage every 3 weeks, all you need to feed them is pellets and apples, they dont carry diseases,etc..) So, sam has done the research and now we have tons of questions. We still would like to add a glider to our family, but we would really like TRUE information. Currently we are looking for a vet in the Nashville, TN area that has experience with Gliders...any suggestions. We will not purchase an animal until I have met a vet with experience, and so far no dice...


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