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Sugar Babies!

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Sugar Babies! Empty Sugar Babies!

Post  MauryLynn Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:22 pm

I'm a new mom of 2 gliders, I have no idea how old they are either. I got very little answers on care when they were brought to me, I have been researching what I can but there is very little on what I need...
How can you know for sure if they are pregnant, beside being temperamental?
How long are gliders pregnant for? I was told to expect delivery near end of September.
I had adopted 2 gliders about 2 weeks ago, she said the female was moody more so from getting pregnant the same week they received them (less than 3 months back). The male is bonding fine however the female is still being testy with me and hasn't gained any weight really.
I'm starting to think shes not at all and it was just something to cover the fact they did not spend any time with her due to her constant crying and snapping to bite. I have been able to calm her quit a bit to where she can be (some what) happy in a pouch with me. I know these things take time and am not rushing her. I just need to know what her issues really are so that I may tend to her needs better.
Any and all hints, tips and tricks are very welcomed!
Thanks in Advance
Oh yea! is there any wood NOT good for them to play on? Idea


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